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A Superhero Brand

Written by Samantha Nye


Posted on August 14 2020

POYSE Co is proud to be 100% women-owned and operated! Not only do we aspire to uplift all women, but we also want to encourage women to take a leap of faith and run the business they have always dreamt of owning.

All of our brands are women-owned, and we are so honored to work with such powerful women every day!

Our Superhero Brand, Moonslice Beauty.

Moonslice Beauty is the sister brand to the famous professional cosmetics line, Saucebox Cosmetics – both brands being completely cruelty-free as well as offering vegan options. Founded by a Mother and Daughter duo, both have been a part of the beauty community since 2011.

The founders of Saucebox Cosmetics wanted to offer their customers a brand demonstrating beauty with a cause and so Moonslice Beauty was born. They are dedicated to providing customers with great quality products at an affordable price point, while also being cruelty-free. Their main objective is to support women in need, and they do this by donating a portion from each sale to women shelters, victims of domestic violence and minority women. They are completely committed to uplifting, enriching and empowering women and this is one of the many reasons why we love them and choose to work with them.

When we first got in contact with the Founders, we knew it would be an unforgettable partnership. Not only did they take a chance on our start-up company, but since then, they have also guided and coached us along the business path. How awesome is that? How often does that even happen in today's world? Women empowering women is empowering and powerful – never forget that!

Some of our best-selling products to date definitely include our Moonslice Beauty Collection. Our top seller is the Moonshake Eyeshadow Palette - the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. Packed with pigment, insane shimmery formulas and to die for mattes, it’s the eyeshadow palette you have been dreaming of and will continue to dream about until you have it.

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Our recent additions to our collection include the Blue Moon Palette (15 mouth-watering shades [insert drooling here]), the Blushing Moon Palette (4 universally flattering blusher shades) and the Vegan Lip Gloss Collection (6 juicy lipglosses that you literally cannot put down – disclaimer: you will 100% be addicted to these glosses).

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Moonslice Beauty aims to launch products as often as you need them to and we are so excited to show you what they have coming your way!

To check out the full Moonslice Beauty collection, click the link below.