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✨ The World of KiKi Beauty ✨

Written by Samantha Nye


Posted on September 11 2020

As a local online retailer, we made it a point to not only stock international cruelty-free brands but to also include local brands too. South Africa's beauty community is growing exponentially and we wanted to be apart of that growth as well as to help our local brands grow too.

Last year we contacted KiKi Beauty and asked to stock their amazing products and fast-forward to almost a year since then, our partnership has become more like a friendship of two business women drinking coffee together and talking nonstop for at least 3 hours straight (true story).

At one of these meetings, we sat down with Holly, the Director and Head of Production Development of KiKi Beauty, to ask her a few questions about the origin of the brand, how they do what they do and their future.

Here's what Holly had to say:

Where did the name ‘KiKi’ come from?

"The name Kiki was actually inspired by one of our amazing pets. She has the nickname, Kiki, and when we were thinking of a name for our brand, Kiki just popped into our heads. We also loved how it sounded and the symmetry of it.  Did you know that 'Kiki' is also a gathering or a party with friends? We just felt it was a happy word associated with positivity."

What kick started the making of KiKi Beauty?

"I was completing my studies and my mom had the idea to start a South African cosmetics brand.  We had both been passionate about makeup and skincare forever and at that point it seemed like the right time to get started. We noticed that there were no good South African primers, so we started to create our own one based on what we felt the South African beauty community needed. One product led to another until we launched 12 amazing products at the end of 2016.  And so Kiki Beauty was born!"

What made you create Bionic Babe and why is it so important to the KiKi Beauty Brand?

"We felt like we wanted to expand our brand into makeup, especially as the online market loves makeup. We also felt like makeup is so fun and we could really go wild with the designs and colours. We love being able to offer everything on our website including skincare, makeup prep, makeup and tools and we are hoping to expand even further in future."

What new products will be dropping soon and what sparked their formulation?

"We have an exciting cleanser – The Crème Soda Sherbert Detox Cleanser. We felt like we needed a cleanser that was detoxifying and different to our powder wash and jelly cleanser. This was another one of our crazy ideas. It really is an amazing product. We also have some more serums that are in the works and we are working on restocking our Jelly Cleanser and Eye Serum."

We want our audience to know more about what goes into the making of a product. Can you tell us a bit more on the following:

Are the products made in South Africa?

"All the skincare products are made in South Africa. We formulate, manufacture and package all in South Africa. Our Eyeshadow Palettes and eyeliners are designed in South Africa and sourced elsewhere."

On average, how long does it take to formulate, test and try, and package your products?

"It usually takes about six months to a year to get a formulation right. It then needs to be tested on stability for 3 months, while other tests are conducted. Then the packaging needs to be designed and manufactured and only then the final product is completed. It can take from 6 months to 2 years."

Do you source your packaging from South Africa?

"Yes we do."

What’s the best part about formulating your own products?

"The best part is that we can design the product from scratch. We can choose any smell, texture, ingredients and design them specifically to what our clients want or are asking for."

What is the future for KiKi Beauty and Bionic Babe? Will you be focusing more on skincare or makeup or both?

"We always do focus more on skincare as that is what our brand was based on originally and how we first started. We strongly believe that skincare is the most important part of any beauty kit. We also would like to educate all of our clients on good skincare practices and how to choose the best products suited for their specific skin types and needs. However, makeup is also a part of our brand and we would like to bring out some more beautifully packaged, high-quality, yet affordable makeup products really soon to expand our range."

What tips could you give someone who wants to start their own cosmetics line?

"I would suggest that you start out by doing your research. In order to have your own cosmetic brand, you need to know what you want to create and how to create it. To launch any company, you need an understanding of how the products work, so I would highly recommend doing an online course or other courses in cosmetic science or formulation. Even if it is just a basic course, so that you can understand the basics of cosmetics and their makeup as well as packaging and legislation. Once you have an understanding, even if you aren’t formulating yourself, you will have the knowledge to make good decisions and you will also be able to guide somebody to formulate what you picture in your mind. You need to be passionate and persistent and have a clear idea from the get go what it is you want to create."

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