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Let's Get Personal

Written by Samantha Nye


Posted on September 25 2020

Let’s take it back to the beginning!

Hey everyone, my name is Sam and I am the Founder of POYSE Cosmetics AKA POYSE Co.

I “used to be” (still am) a corporate junkie until I realized that my dream was to always do something within the cosmetics industry. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce to get on my mom’s good side (thanks mom) and then I went to Kohl Makeup Academy to qualify as a Professional Makeup Artist. I currently work three jobs – Everything POYSE Co related, Run the Human Resources component for a Construction Company and I am a Makeup Artist on the weekend. None of these are side hustles and I wouldn’t be able to continue with POYSE Co without them.

Let me just say that starting an online store in an oversaturated market is wild and crazy. If this is what you want to do, you have to be fully committed and fierce! I struggle with both of these characteristics but somehow, I always manage to come along. POYSE Co is my end goal and I don’t ever foresee that changing.

I started POYSE Co because I encountered disappointment from a South African reseller not selling authentic international products and it honestly broke my trust with all unauthorized resellers. I’m not saying that all resellers are dishonest, I’m just saying be careful where you spend your money because let’s face it, international brands being sold in South Africa are not cheap.

We are committed and will always form partnerships with our brands and that’s why it’s been a slower process than anticipated. Fortunately, all of our current brands are incredible to work with and want to see their name in South Africa and we will continue to bring you amazing brands, both big and small to fill your international makeup obsessions.

We asked some of you what more you wanted to know about POYSE Co and here’s what you asked…


The Story About our Name

Well this is a whole story in itself… Our original name was actually NYSE Cosmetics. It was derived from my name and surname which meant a lot to me because my surname is super unique. Our company was all set up, and ready for launch… until we received a lawyers letter from (I don’t think I can say their name… but if you can take our old name and just put it into goggle, you will find out). Long story short, I cried for days on end because I couldn’t believe this was happening and also, we didn’t really have the finance to pay for the changes.

Our new name was difficult to come up with. Finding a name that represents your core values is difficult and no amount of googling will help with that. I liked the word ‘poise’ as it attributed to a lot of what I wanted for the brand. I chose to spell it like it is today because I wanted to keep some resemblance from our old name.


How Big is Our Team?

I am the only employee of POYSE Co, however, we do outsource all of our graphic work and website maintenance to an amazingly talented businesswoman and all of our marketing and social media is run by me and an agency. In my mind, we’re a team of three except I don’t get paid and they do!


What Makes Us Different from Other Retailers?

  1. We only offer cruelty-free products from cruelty-free brands. I love animals so much and it just really doesn’t make sense to me that animals are still being tested on when there are other methods that can be used without bringing harm to fur babies.
  2. It is crucial for me to form partnerships with our brands because I want our customers to feel at ease knowing that our products are authentic. Not only having peace of mind but also selling the products at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, when a reseller does not have a partnership with a brand, they end up paying the full price on the product, shipping and import tax and then on top of all of that, they add a markup to make profit. This ends up making the product almost double than what it’s worth and very expensive.
  3. We love to partner with local brands. We have incredible brands being formulated locally and being able to partner with them is so amazing.


How We Choose our Influencers

On a daily basis, we get tons of DM’s and emails regarding partnerships with content creators. We love working with accounts that are big and small and this is how I make the final decision:

  1. The quality of the content is crisp, neat and strategic.
  2. We look at the engagement to follower ratio.
  3. Your brand is in line with our brand.
  4. You actually follow us on social media.
  5. You’ve purchased from us in the past.

We also work with an agency that screens our applications. To apply, please do so on our website by clicking this link


Why are our International Products so Expensive?

When it comes to importing products, there are many costs involved. Firstly, the exchange rate plays a huge role in the final cost of the imported goods and unfortunately, our currency is not strong against the US Dollar/Euro/British Pound. Secondly, international shipping rates fluctuate and are again, based on the exchange rate. Thirdly, we are subjected to import tax and duties and VAT. Cosmetics are deemed as luxury goods and are, therefore, subjected to Ad Valorem Tax. I know all of this is boring but it plays a massive role in why products are so expensive. If you actually compare our price to the brands' price, you will notice that in some cases, our prices are lower than the brands' price or just in line with their price.

Now that you know everything there is to know about POYSE Co, I hope this answers all of your questions. Thank you to each and every person that has supported my online business because, without you, we wouldn’t be able to give you what we currently have.


From the girl with big dreams,